Neckties in Wood 

The reason for being

Whether one is a fan of the tie or not, it is essential and eternal like the famous blue jeans often sacrificed on the altar of novelty… but always irreplaceable. Fashion designers have long been attached to textures, colors, patterns, dimensions. Then, the materials entered the field of creativity, with leather, wool, pearls or even metal by a famous French couturier.

Its application

We have used our passion for natural materials, particularly wood, our experience in the targeted areas of fashion, graphics and woodworking, then added a good dose of rigor in our manufacturing to present to you neat and refined products. Our wood neckties each possess the obvious quality of not being reproducible; it is the guarantee of a unique product. We’ve classified them in four families: Exception | Noble | Color | Drawing

The quote

"The cravat lives only with originality and naivety, imitation and subjection to the rules discolour it, chill it, kill it, it is neither by study nor by work that one arrives at It is spontaneously, it is instinct, of inspiration that the tie is put.A tie well put, it is one of those traits of genius who feel, who admire, but do not analyze neither, nor dare I say it with all the strength of conviction, the tie is romantic in its essence, the day it undergoes general rules, fixed principles, it will cease to exist. (Honoré de Balzac - Treaty of the tie)

Four styles

  • Neckties in wood - Exceptional essences
    Neckties in wood - Exceptional essences

    The most beautiful species of wood

    From a wide variety of shades and movements, each essence is reminiscent of a different cloth. From white Maple to black Ebony, since its creation in 1992 Mélissambre® has been enriched by a wide choice of exceptional woods. As a result, we have an extensive palette of colors, tones, patterns, drawn freely by nature over years, centuries, millennia. Crafted according to the techniques of marquetry, exceptional woods are joined to a Maple core to bring stability while optimizing the lightness of the tie.

    "Nature offers Elegance and Refinement, the pleasure of being singular". Melissambre

  • Neckties in wood - Noble essences
    Neckties in wood - Noble essences

    The noble woods of our neckties

    You will find here a selection of noble wood species from our French forests such as Maple, Walnut, Wild Cherry… The grain, or fiber, is straight, without or with few knots. Some woods sometimes display very strong patterns, like the Walnut.

    We wanted to preserve their natural appearance by giving them a protection that is matte; the wood remains authentic, as we appreciate in our workshop.

  • Neckties in wood - Drawings
    Neckties in wood - Drawings

    Brush in hand, ready for drawings!

    With the Sycamore wood as a canvas, brushes, spatulas, knives and many other strange tools, are side by side with paints of all kinds, inks, pigments, pencils… Ready! The image can be created according to desires and inspirations.

    The themes are limitless. We can also create an image according to your request, a tie that will be the result of your imagination. Our only boundaries are decency and dignity.

    "Nature offers Elegance and Refinement, the pleasure of being singular". Melissambre

  • Neckties in wood - Tinted essences
    Neckties in wood - Tinted essences

    Bright, pastel and vibrant colors

    On a base of Sycamore wood, enjoy a multitude of colors, solid or mixed, for bright, entertaining and festive ties. Our color creator has carte blanche, sometimes uses unexpected tools and the benefits are evident in the complex outcomes.

    "Nature offers elegance and refinement, the pleasure of being singular". Mélissambre

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