Neckties in Wood 

Whatever the approaches and opinions on this fashion adornment, the tie is and will remain for a long time essential in a neat outfit, like the famous blue jeans sacrificed many times on the altar of modernity ... but always irreplaceable.

A source of originality and creativity, efforts have hitherto focused on textures, colors, patterns, dimensions. More recently, materials have entered the field of research with leather, wool, pearls or more unknown metal (Grand couturier French).
We have used our passion, our experience in the field of fashion and our rigor in the development of neat, refined products. Our wooden ties have an exceptional quality, that of being non-reproducible; it's the guarantee of a unique product.

" The tie lives only of originality and innocence; imitation and subjection to rules fade it, freeze it, kill it. It is not through study nor through work that you succeed; it's spontaneity, it's instinct, inspiration. A tie worn well is one of these strokes of genius that you feel, you admire, but you cannot analyze and cannot teach. Also, I dare say with all my conviction, the tie is romantic in itself; the day it will undergo general rules, fixed principles, it will have ceased to exist." (Honoré de Balzac - Treaty of the necktie)

  • Neckties in wood - Exceptional essences
    Neckties in wood - Exceptional essences

    Our exceptional wooden ties

    The richest in colour and natural variations, they look very much like cloth. This collection of neckties in wood rests on the technique of marquetry. The use of exceptional woods requires a skillfull mastery to preserve the integrity of the burls and brambles. Observing the rules of the art of woodworking, these species are closely linked to solid maple wood. Of course with the suppleness required of a necktie. Discover the subtleties of elm burl, walnut bramble, amboyna burl, mottled birch, etc...

  • Neckties in wood - Noble essences
    Neckties in wood - Noble essences

    Our noble wooden ties

    A selection of noble wood species from our French forests. Find Walnut, Birch, Maple ... Protected by a matte finish, the wood is "authentic", as we usually appreciate it.

  • Neckties in wood - Tinted essences
    Neckties in wood - Tinted essences

    Full color !

    On a base of Sycamore wood, enjoy a multitude of solid or rich colors for fun, bright neckties.

  • Neckties in wood - Drawings
    Neckties in wood - Drawings

    Identical to our painted ties, but either in a solid colour or worked into a pattern, such as our “coral” ties.

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