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Tie in Light Louro-Faïa

The remarkable texture and iridescent effects of this essence make it a dotted tie. Associated with maple wood, the tie gets its flexibility from its design in several sections. The articulations are almost invisible thanks to each element being meticulously adjusted and fitted.

  • Ultra thin (3.3 mm or 1/8th inch), its weight (65 gr or 2.2 oz) is similar to a cloth tie.
  • Its length of 495mm (19 1/2 inches) positions it just above the trousers.
  • Neither too wide nor too narrow, its width of 82mm (or 3 1/4 inches) is the ideal compromise.
  • The tie fits around the collar with an adjustable strap and a metal hook..

"Nature gives us elegance and refinement, so we can delight in original creations".

Data sheet
Longueur495 mm
Width82 mm
Weight65 gr

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Necktie in wood, Louro-Faïa

Dotted tie !

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The surface treatment offers a high quality matt finish, preserves the natural look of the wood and guarantees protection against dirt. A soft cloth moistened with a glass solution is enough to clean your tie.

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